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Notes from the Companion Planting Forum - May 5, 2021

We explored the complexities of the relationships - good and bad - between plants.

Darien mentioned this article:

Nora recommended the book: Plant Partners: Science-Based Companion Planting Strategies for the Vegetable Garden by Jessica Walliser

Darien mentioned the article

Text on the graphic that accompanied the meeting notice wasn't legible because it displayed at a reduced size. This is that information:

  • Nasturtium helps to deter nasty pests like whitefly, catepillars and beetles and is a sacrificial plant for aphids. Nasturtiums also have edible leaves, flowers and seeds.
  • Lavendar is not only beautiful and fragrant, it is a tough, hardy plant that helps repel bad insects like whiefly and moths, and draws in good insects like bees.
  • Mint is a tasty and helpful garden companion that helps deter nasty pests like moths, aphis, ants and rodents. Many varieties are highly invasive, so container planting is a good option.
  • Onions, chives and garlic help deter pests, improve soil and reduce systemic dieseases.
  • Other flowering plants that can help reduce garden pests and/or draw pollinators into your home garden are marigold, petunia, poppy, asyssium, borage, lupin, tansy, geranium and zinnia.

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