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As I began my 2014 gardens I realized there are some facts and practices that I don't automatically remember from year to year. When is it too late to plant the peas? Why was it I used that particular soil amendment? What did I do wrong last year with tomatoes? Do I want to plant garbanzos again? And so on.

So I began writing things down, but I'm no good with paper - too hard to keep up and find specific information when I need it. So I created a wiki at where I record my thoughts and practices. The information there is specific to my experiences in two specific gardens with quite different soil. This isn't an encyclopedia or a complete reference to gardening. It's probably not suitable for the beginning gardener. It's a hodgepodge compilation of my gardening experiences. And I expect anyone can find something to disagree with.

For example, this year I tried out fall peas. I document it all from soil enrichment to inoculation to harvest.On October 3 we began harvesting the first. Yes, they are sweeter than our spring peas. And I know I'll appreciate the ability to refer to this information next year.

It does include lots of photos that some may find interesting. I update it regularly with more topics, new insights and annotations. To some it may be interesting. Maybe it might be helpful to some in small ways. No guarantees but it's out there on the 'net.

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