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About to start my seeds
- thought you all would have some recommendations

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I have found most starting mixes pretty much the same for starting in regular pots. So I don’t have a preference there. When I start in plug trays I can’t have chunks in the mix. I have found few mixes that don’t have larger chunks of ingredients in their mixes. Ferry Morris/Jiffy mix is the only mix I have found recently that will work for my plug trays because they are a finer mix.

But for the most part any mix I think will be ok. Maybe someone else would have preferences from their experiences.

Thought I’d pass this on.

I just got an email saying Moblak's is having a seminar called: Seed Starting 101 Feb 27 from 10-11am, Featuring Willi Galloway, west coast Editor, Organic Gardening magazine. Ruthann
Thanks for the info. We had fun at the lecture and bought territorial seeds and a stewartia flowering tree.
Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I would like to have gone but just couldn’t make the time. Here is some more information I got in a newsletter concerning seed starting. It is a site that is trying to sell its products but it does have quite a bit of useful information. Hope it will work to copy the address into your browser.

I put this link on the Links page:
I've been experimenting with starting my own seed starting mix, trying to save a little money and use local resources, as much as I can, rather than imported (like coco peat) or non-renewable ingredients (traditional peat).
A traditional seed starting mix, found in an old book on garden soils, is one third sifted compost, one third garden soil, and one third sand.
Another recipe I found somewhere, but cannot remember where, used alfalfa meal also (wet down, left to decompose for a few weeks, then crumbled). So I've been experimenting with adding this to my soil, compost, and sand mix. I have found that it needs to be well mixed in, in very small bits, or the little clumps on the top surface tend to get moldy.


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