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Seven Trellis members met for an enthusiastic discussion of a variety of gardening topics.

A. Regarding predators

  • Darien has anti-snail beer recipe that snails can't resist
  • Consider physical barriers to deter beneficial insects
  • Use sticky traps to capture and remove flea beetles and other flying pests
  • Cucumber beetles are carriers of bacterial wilt

B. About raised beds

  • It is difficult to get good soil - we must create it over time
  • May require more watering
  • Don’t deter slugs

C. Soil health

  • Determine mineral levels with soil tests  - Logan Labs - Mallick 3 test for Steve Solomon’s Intelligent Gardener approach
  • NW Concentrates, Oregon- prices for bulk supplies of organic minerals for soil amendment:

D. An interesting organic farm operation: Mother Earth Farm on property leased by Nora near Puyallup:

E. Some aspects of garden  planning 

  • Crop rotation – change your layout around to avoid persistent fungi and diseases
  • Online garden planner - linked to from from other seed suppliers, for example Territorial seeds  - requires the Flash plugin
  • Planting calendars  (check the growing zone) from a number of seed suppliers
  • Use a soil thermometer to judge planting time for germination of direc-seeded crops

F. Seed sources

G. Gardening resources

  • WSU horticultural gardening website - search
  • Info on starting Seeds - Nanci Bubel - germination rates, etc.
  • is our website. Join to receive a monthly alert to upcoming events.

H. Upcoming events

  • February 8: Snoqualmie Valley Seed Exchange  at Cedarcrest High School, Duvall
  • February 15: Soil, Food and Climate Change workshop at Chief Kanim middle school:
    • Requires a fee and pre-registration is suggested.
  • February 15: Next Trellis session TOPICS: Your favorite seasonal vegetables, and benefits of companion plants

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